NEW Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Review with Better Brush Nibs download premium version original top rating star

NEW Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Review with Better Brush Nibs

SpectrumNoir recently improved the nibs on their pro range of Illustrator markers. How do they perform? I’ll let you know in today’s video!

The new spectrum Noir Illustrator markers feature flexible (foam-rubber like)fray resistant nibs and are available open stock and in sets of 6, 12 and 36 currently. They are part of the Spectrum Noir coloring system and match your other SN markers and can be refilled with the SN refill inks aking them a totally reusable marker. If you have the older style Illustrator markers (or even the classics) you can use the new replacement nibs in them if they wear out. The nibs will be available soon and ll 216 colors are ink is now available on the Crafter’s Companion website.

See color charts here and print them off to make your own:

*Or is you want the swatch stamps I use you can find them here:

Disclaimer, I never bought the OG spectrum Noir Illustrator markers because I heard the nibs were the felt-tip-fiber kind that fray and I didn’t want ant more of those kinds of markers but when I heard they have a new nib similar to Copic I was very happy to try them. These markers were sent to me from Crafters companion for free to review.

Price- $4 individual or $2-$3 each if bought in sets
Smooth ink in vibrant colors
Sets are arranged in thoughtful color groupings
Refillable, reinkers here:
Easy to blend
The flexible brush end gives wide to fine strokes and the bullet tip is ultra-fine for tiny details.

There may still be old stock out there so be sure you are getting the new version. I asked my contact at Crafter’s Companion how to tell new from old stock and she said this: The Illustrators have a darker font on the pen itself, the new is a grey the old is a beige.

NEW Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Review

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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NEW Spectrum Noir Illustrator Marker Review with Better Brush Nibs

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  • I really enjoy your reviews because you are really thorough and I am one of those people who will research something for 6 months before I buy it because there are not any thorough reviews! I am here to tell you, your reviews are awesome!

  • What is your honest opinion of the Blick Studio ALOCHOL markers?

  • Julie Parker says:

    Lindsay, I am not very experienced at this yet I have one 12 pk of these new markers. I was wondering what is the best paper to use. Probably blending paper, but it is so expencive! Is there a more affordable option? I have noticed regular paper is not good at all. Sorry for the silly question.

  • Excellent and informative review. Thank you for the review and comparison. Copics are out of my price range. This was beneficial.

  • Carol soutar says:

    Not a fan of brush nibs.Dont have enough control when colouring.Thanks Lindsay great review.

  • Teresa Ervin says:

    great review I have one set of Spectrum Noir but none of the illustrator markers next on my list of wants.

  • Great review. You are always so thorough, taking into account quality, blend-ability, the type of nibs used, refillable or not, if markers are individually available, color range available, price, and how you plan to use them…coloring in stamps…etc. These are all factors that I consider before making a choice, and so appreciate your reviews, attention to detail, and honesty. Thank you, and happy crafting!

  • Thank you Lindsay for your review. I purchased a lot of these spectrum noir illustrator markers about 2 years ago and haven't used them much. I was confused about blending and what colors to blend together. As I said I've hardly used them and was unimpressed when the brush tip on one just shredded down to nothing. So they sit unused. They are definitely the ones you are reviewing but the colors of the caps are way off from the actual color of ink. I think I'll try to get my hands on a color chart and revisit them.

  • I do have most of the modern set. I Love them. The ink is wonderful. It does not bleed much, and the colors are remarkable. I also have the full range of Prismacolor.. .. My question is about recycling plastic. Can You give us information on recycling old pens? Pull the nibs, and ink resivoir, and recycle the ink barrels? Do You know?

  • Mindy… Lindsay did mention that below her video. "There may still be old stock out there so be sure you are getting the new version. I asked my contact at Crafter's Companion how to tell new from old stock and she said this: The Illustrators have a darker font on the pen itself, the new is a grey the old is a beige." But I am also wondering, and I think I know what you mean…..if you were to get the new sets….is the packaging different so that you know if it is the markers with the new nibs, or the old ones? If you are not allowed to open up the package to look at them, then how will you know??

  • Lindsay-"I need PP1"
    Me-😂😂 PP

  • Mindy Parke says:

    I’m still a little confused about how to make sure I get one of the new sets.

  • I have found these at Tuesday Morning.

  • Jeanne L says:

    Thank you for this review. Your blending is beautiful.

  • Vaye S says:

    Thanks for the review…I love your thorough review…I have a few illustrators but haven't used them much

  • Thank you for the review. The first markers I bought were the spectrum Noirs second generation .I could hardly use them because the caps were terrible.I could hardly open them.After That I bought the illustrator markers but the inkt did not match the second generation marker.After some time the caps starter to a be a problem also..The caps from the illustrators were alsof very diffucult to open.I stoppef using the spectrum noir markers.,because of hand issues I have.I gave my spectrum noir markers to a friend.I now use the Nuvo markers think they are easy to use.

  • Laura sama says:

    Do a review to winsor&newton Chinese watercolor please 💖💖💖

  • Deb Rhodes says:

    Appreciate your thorough review…you have used so many different brands of marker you really understand the nuanced differences which makes your opinion so valuable. Thanks so much for the review.

  • Thanks Lindsay. Really enjoy watching how beautifully markers can be used. Alas as an art form they are to difficult for me to cap and uncap repeatedly. But knowledge is never wasted if we can pass it on and help someone else. I just need a few for lettering and accents. Thanks again.😁😉👍👍💙💙💙

  • Connie says:

    Spectrum Noir is my favorite refillable alcohol marker. 😍

  • Jordon Janes says:

    I love the colours that Spectrum offer with this line but I've had horrible experiences with the brush nibs of these Illustration markers completely falling apart — I hope the improvements fix that but I can't say I'll ever risk buying them again for that reason.

  • Karla Bostic says:

    Thank you so much, this is great info

  • Connie Gant says:

    If you were going to invest in some markers would you get the Illustrators or the Arteza?

  • I'm on my way to get the hole set of Spectrum Noir Illustrator. I really like these markers. I do want my brush nib to be more stiff because I feel I have more control over the nib and the flow of the ink. I also have the full set of Winsor & Newton ProMarker and BrushMarker. Thank you for the rewiew.

  • Beth Heart says:

    Lindsay what is the difference between an illustrator and just a regular artist?

  • 2damecuteUK says:

    I was looking at the illustrator markers because I was hoping they had a larger colour range then the Windsor and newton brush markers, I love having a brush and bullet tip instead of a chisel tip.
    I would also like to compare the Windsor and newton aqua markers to the new noir aqua markers. I notice the brush tip is softer and bends more.
    I didn’t end up buying the spectrum noir markers but I bough the marker pad which is 240gsm it’s the thickest marker paper I found in the uk and I love it, I still get bleeding if I use to many colours but compare to my Bristol pad it the difference between wasting four sheets of paper. If they made 260-300 gsm A3 size marker paper that would be amazing too.

  • Thanks for the review! I have the original ‘black case’ markers where the color ends don’t match the actual color, but these appear to actually match! Yay! And love the new tip! ❤️

  • 👍🏻 thank you for the review!

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