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Illustration & Concept Art Master Course: INTRO

Hey guys! I’m freaking excited to finally announce my Collaboration Series with Google and YouTube! This series will help you build a Portfolio for you to use to make a living with your art! This will take place on my channel and will be a course exploring Concept Art & Illustration! I’ll be teaching Character Design, Portrait Painting, Storytelling, Landscapes, and How to make it in the Industry.

There’s a total of 5 videos in this Master Course and the videos will slowly roll out on my channel for the next few months for free! It will be a super in-depth series on each topic that will help you build that Art Portfolio.

First video comes out FRIDAY! It will teach you how to get started on your Artistic Journey as an artist. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.


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Illustration & Concept Art Master Course: INTRO

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