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The Haters Guide to Super Bowl 53

NOTE: Skip to 8:45 to avoid the playoff aftermaths and head straight towards the game preview.

I don’t really know how to feel about this one. It just feels… tainted. I’m not salty at the fact that the Saints aren’t in the Super Bowl. I’m salty because a great game (maybe two, depending on who you talk to) was ruined thanks to an egregious no-call. I’ve said my piece about refball already, however, so we will leave that behind us… at least until it happens again.

As for the game at hand, we have two teams that aren’t exactly the most well-liked at this moment in time. We have the perennial AFC contenders that just won’t die and the emerging NFC power that left a scorned city in its wake. The NFL gets their first taste of the Boston/LA rivalry that has played out in the NBA and MLB before.

What surprises (or lack thereof) will this game have in store? What will happen to the other teams that were eliminated before the big game? This video will attempt to explain the scenarios being played out… maybe.

Speaking of which, that Rams vid I did a few years ago aged well, didn’t it? I guess I can reason it was when they bottomed out and before they hired McVay. I’ll try to comfort myself with that.


The Haters Guide to Super Bowl 53

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