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You Don't Own Your eBooks

Today I say goodbye to any chance of an Audible sponsorship, and shine a light on some shady eBook news…
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You Don't Own Your eBooks

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  • baldbookgeek says:

    Part of the reason I’m a big fan of feed books but also the prices are not helped by only having kindle kobo and iBooks only 3 main providers but many ways to get your ebooks for far less

  • Mary Leaf says:

    Now I feel bad for libraries who order e-book copies. The prices they have to pay are usually insane just to be able to give readers a chance to read e-books and now this? OOF

  • Adam Leon says:

    The majority of information is the video is either misleading, incorrect or just a flat out lie. If anyone's interested in knowing the truth behind licensing and this made up news story at the end, I'll make a video on my channel in reply to this exposing how fake this video is.

  • These capitalist fckers and their T&C r destroying the world

  • Nothing is yours to keep unless you eat it. The government can take your house and land. Thieves can take your stuff. Drugs can take your mind.
    Other than memories, what is it that we really have to keep?

  • There are ways to strip the DRM from these things. I have no moral qualms about this. The TOS is unreasonably long, and we do pay almost as much, sometimes even MORE, than the print edition. It's not moral on their part to have the ability to change things whenever they want, and probably wouldn't hold up in court. I've also got no qualms about about straight-up torrenting things you've already paid for. Buy my ebooks, strip the DRM if you want, or I'll even send you a DRM-free copy. This DRM stuff is bullshit. The ONLY thing they've done right is have the ability to "lend" books to people, during which time you don't have access, just as if you handed off a paper copy.

  • I want to add some more information to this (I know, I'm late). I have self published a couple things through Amazon and Smashwords (which distributes to other retailers). Smashwords doesn't give you the option to even enable DRM rights. Amazon KDP gives you the option to opt out of DRM when you publish your work. I don't know if that matters when it comes to them removing items off of your kindle, but it does mean that not everything will be DRM protected (none of my work is).

  • Xtra Delite says:

    The only way to get around this is to copy/download the book/music/movie/whatever you just bought. Put it somewhere safe and private. That’s what I do with digital music/movies, but haven’t done it with digital books yet.

  • This is why I only use Kindle Unlimited or get free books for my Kindle. At least with my Kobo I can download the epub and keep it on my computer. That was I still have it even if it ever gets pulled (although I usually wait for the sales on the books I want because I'm not paying a dollar less than the paperback version. No, thank you).

  • tgb869 says:

    Wow. Now I can't look at my digital orders the same way and be more cautious of digital anything. And there are some books that are digital only. So is nook and kobo the same way? I have lost hope.

  • If you buy music om iTunes you can save the mp3-files somewhere else, so you could use something other than itunes to play them 🙂 The movies on the other hand..

  • Good thing I didn't like ebooks anyway

  • bookellenic says:

    I didn't even know about this, I get very inexpensive ebooks, but still I've paid quite a bit of money in total, and I don't even own them?

  • iTunes literally hides songs form me … if it wasn't for windows media player I'd be out decades of music collected

  • Mike Coville says:

    Nearly all your complaints is from the traditional publishers because they don't care about ebook sales. independent authors sell their ebooks at a very reasonable rate in exchange for their stories. I suggest not to buy any ebooks from trade publishers as they are way over priced. In fact, I try not to buy any books from traditional publishers because they shaft writers. Support small businesses and buy from independent authors.

  • En Rozen says:

    It's much worse with movies I think, cause you can always buy physical books but what about those macbooks that don't have dvd drive anymore… and also like it was with VHS when everyone switched to DVD and all of our VHS records became quite useless?

  • Suzy says:

    It's kind of sad and frustrating that you pay for an ebook and then you don't even own it but simply rent it. I find that a little unfair

  • I'm so glad that I don't buy ebooks, I only download free ones.

  • You scared me, I thought you meant that I don't own the eBooks I write if I do write one.

  • Cavin Bardi says:

    Wow!!! That makes me rethink the future publishing of my book…I'm thankful for your information. I appreciate your help.

  • Matt Cole says:

    Self-published ebooks are quite a bit cheaper e.g. $2.99-$4.99 primarily. These authors are making a 70% royalty fee. The traditionally published authors are getting a 25% royalty fee from their publishers. Hence, they got to sell a lot more to make the same income or sell at a higher price. But it is the publishers setting the price and it just comes down to greed on their part. If a self-published author prices their book above $9.99 on Amazon their royalty rate goes from 70% to 35%. Obviously, this isn't being applied to the big publishers otherwise we wouldn't be seeing $14-18.00 ebooks.

  • It always bothered me that digital copies cost so close to the paperbacks when production costs are gone. It's so obvious that the only people who are benefiting off of that are the publishers because the authors don't get a higher return off of these. It's nuts. I've always disliked kindle for this reason. I'm so conflicted since I know physical books are so bad for the environment, but I've had my kindle account removed before because I returned too many books at one point. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I lost all of the books I paid for and may or may not have read. Crazy.

  • Lore Velasco says:

    you also have a limit on how many devices you can have your book downloaded in and i, someone in mexico, can’t buy books on kindle located in amazon america

  • Faith Murri says:

    That's why I never buy ebooks from Amazon

  • I've bought maybe a total of four ebooks only because I don't like reading them and that was because I couldn't find them in print. I didn't know this… And I'm glad I never got into reading them.

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